About The Stories

Bad Boys. Gutsy Girls. Petulant Parents. Knives. . . And that’s just the first story. “Seven Ravens: Unvarnished Tales from the Brothers Grimm” is the latest collection of stories from the mind of Master Storyteller Sean Buvala. Dusting off some (un)familiar and some more obscure folktales, Sean tells eight Grimm tales free of the burdens of “being nice” that plague so many modern tellings. This CD is intended for adult listeners and children 12 and up. If you like your folktales they way they were meant to be told, this CD collection is for you! The Brothers Grimm: Don’t let mushy movies and cartoons be the only way you learn about these interesting stories and folktales. Sean explores the stories in all their punishing, rewarding and funny glory full of images of death, life, demons, self-mutilation, religion and parental curses. There’s nothing like an angry fairy to ruin your day.

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